Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jenny the Bloggess sightings - 1

Day 2 of BlogHer '08:

BlogHer '08 officially kicked off Friday morning with croissants and coffee. Within minutes ShallowGal had met punditmom, whymommy and Stimey. She had reconnected with her old pal Bossy (1) Someone even girl-screamed when she saw my name tag. Things looked promising.

Then ShallowGal walked into the writing workshop (2) and there she was. Jenny the Bloggess.

ShallowGal sat down in the empty seat next to her and said "ask me what my blog is about." And Jenny said "What's your blog about?" And ShallowGal said "it's about your vagina."

Jenny smiled and checked her bag for her restraining order. ShallowGal reached for her card but before she could tell Jenny about the time she went to New York and took a picture of a giant squid, Jenny had checked out of the hotel and was on a plane back to Houston.

Day 2 of BlogHer: A minus. Seven points were deducted because the music was too loud at the party, ShallowGal didn't win an iphone and because Jenny didn't ask ShallowGal to move to Texas and be her new BFF.

PS: So far Day 3 looks promising. There's a party tonight at Macy's and ShallowGal has Jenny's card tucked inside her bra. Just in case. Cause who wouldn't be totally charmed by that, right?

Updated to say: Jenny the Bloggess sightings: 2

ShallowGal may have stalker eyes going on
but Jenny is totally wearing her dress backwards

1) Meaning ShallowGal and Bossy go way back, (March '08!) not that Bossy is old. But she is tall.
2) How much do you wish right now that SG had actually paid attention at the writing workshop?


sista #2 said...

What's the big ta-do with Jenny the Blogess? I am so out of he loop.

I would have given you my card, if I had one.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I. Love. You.

Come to Houston. Be my BFF. Help me dress myself.

Stimey said...

I love Jenny the Bloggess more now than I did a week ago.

I will totally admit to girl screaming upon seeing your name badge.

That party was too loud.

I think I alienated Bossy by gushing to her about you instead of about Bossy.

You are awesome. In person and in blog form.