Friday, July 25, 2008

Just what the interweb needs: a new weekly blog feature.

Taking a cue from great bloggers like Bossy with her Ten Word Tuesday and whoever invented Wordless Wednesday (1) , today ShallowGal launches a new weekly feature. (Cue the trumpets and confetti) Every Friday ShallowGal will reveal the backhanded compliment of the week. (2)

This week's winner comes courtesy of a neighbor who stopped by to borrow $50. Which strikes SG as a strange time to be semi- insulting.

I love coming to your house. It's such a nice change of pace from going to those super-neat and organized houses. Shows your priorities are in the right place. (3)

Anyone else get blindsided this week?

1) Which SG sucks at BTW. Wordless. You wish.
2) Yes ShallowGal receives enough backhanded compliments to make this a weekly feature. Hell, a daily feature.
3) SG's priorities: shoe shopping and reading celebrity gossip.


Always Home and Uncool said...

this is a weekly feature that truly deserves checking back in on. so much better than bossy. I hope you wrote the neighbor a check, posted dated to 2036 with the word "a-hole" in the memo.

I'm Julie said...

Oh girlfriend, listen to this one:

An ex-boyfriend recently told me, "You just never got that men don't really care about looks. They are like dogs who just want a leg to hump."

I am still stinging from that bitch-slappin'.

not just a mom said...

Oh, oh, oh, I have one! My new SIL recently told me, "You look great (insert long pause) for having four kids." At first, I was quite pleased with this, then I thought some more about it. What this really means is that there are a bunch of people out there (her included, obviously) who are looking great, but I am about four sub-levels below them, meaning I am somewhere below Reese Witherspoon, but a bit above Amy Winehouse.

Gayle said...

wtf? what is wrong with people?