Monday, July 7, 2008

Le ShallowGal

ShallowGal has some exciting news. She is now Le ShallowGal.

It's tres chic, no? (1) And before you get all up in my face about how the French aren't shallow (or how much you hate the French) just know that some loser already took ShallowGal. com. (2) So it was either Le ShallowGal or ShallowGal 486.

What does this mean to you? It's all about you, isn't it? Now readers can simply type in The lovely and talented PCSguy has made it automatically loop back to the blogger page. Go ahead and try it. I'll wait.

See ! Is that cool or what?

Anyway, SG will still answer to ShallowGal. She'll be saving the Le for special occasions. Like meeting the Queen. (3)

Maybe SG should have had a contest to help find a URL. Because, dang. ShallowGal has some exceptionally creative readers. Crazy funny. It was a tough call but ultimately SG picked Emily with her very clever "To ink or not to ink" even though PCSguy claims squids ink, not octopuses. (4)

Emily, please send your address to to claim your prize.

1) And that, mon petit cheri, is the beginning and the end of SG's French vocabulary.
2) And did nothing with it. And dollars to donuts, just when SG makes the big time (as if) shallowgal. com will turn out to be an escort service. It happened to Lolita Travelsalot.
3) Someone remind me, are the French and the English friends again? SG can't keep up with who is mad at who.
4)Octopi? Octopussss?


Emily said...

Wow! I actually won something? Cool beans.

And to correct PCSGuy (which I admit, is dangerous since he's my boss), octopi DO ink, just like squid. See picture as proof:

Anonymous said...

So they do! I stand corrected.

My own motto is often wrong, but never in doubt.

First Time Dad said...

I was robbed...

btw - you can go a few steps better on your newly minted domain. Get CJG to talk to me and I'll show him some nice tricks...

vuboq said...

vuboq got all excited that you were saving the Le for meeting him (in August! for lunch!). Then, he read the footnote.

*le sigh*

Holy Crappers said...

I like it ! Very classy


gaining some lb's said...

Getting all french on us.