Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why ShallowGal and posse really need to get out more

Scene: the dinner table.
Cast: SG's posse and her unofficial fourth child, 13 year old Anna.

Noa: Let's play 20 questions. I'll go first.

SG: Is it Harry Potter?

Noa: No it's Hannah Montana.

Jake: Noa!! She had 19 more questions. I'll go. It's a person.

SG: Is it Harry Potter?

Jake: Yes. Anna's turn.

Anna: It's a person.

Noa: Is it a Jonas Brother?

Anna: Yes.

Noa: Is it Joe Jonas?

Anna: Yes.

SG: Oooh, good one. OK, my turn.

Jake: Is it Harry Potter?

SG: Damn.

Anna: Wait, I have one.

Noa: It can't be a Jonas Brother.

Anna: That severely limits my choices. Fine, it's a girl.

Noa: Is it Hannah Montana?

Anna: This game sucks.


Marinka said...

I'm starting to catch on!

vuboq said...

Is it VUBOQ?

Amy said...

I had one turn where I chose Hilary Clinton. Told them it was a female, not on the Disney channel and all 3 of them sat there slack-jawed trying to think how someone could be famous sans Disney channel.

Sue said...

Throw Derek Jeter in there and we have played that exact game. Laughing about Hilary Clinton!

countrymouse said...

I think I've told this story before: we used to play "what am I?" One of us would give 3 clues and the rest of the players would have to guess what the object was, i.e. "I live in the sea, I have 8 arms, I eat crustaceans. What am I?"

When my daughter was little, her 3rd clue was *always* "and people like me." No matter what the object was (our dog, a car, a loaf of bread) she always said "and people like me." We gave her such a hard time once when the answer to the riddle was "cement" and she'd given the clue "and people like me." She was such a goofy little girl : )

Kate said...

This is hilarious! I really needed a laugh today. Thanks.

I'm Julie said...

That is just great. Thanks so much for the laugh!!

When we play 20 Questions at my house, they say, "Mom, no fair being any of your Blog 'Friends', ok?"

Alicia Long said...

Hey SG - I had to check out your blog. ShallowGal rocks!

m said...

Hilarious. Disney much?