Monday, November 24, 2008

Optimistic or just plain stupid

ShallowGal and PCSguy play this fun little game. But just in case my mom ever reads this blog, instead I'm going to tell you about this kind of lame game we play, called optimistic or just plain stupid?

(Just for clarification, by optimist, SG means someone who is hopeful about the future, not the guy who measures you for glasses. That would make no sense at all.)

For example: Every night ShallowGal sets the alarm clock for 7 am even though her youngest child is actually a human alarm clock who has never slept past 5 am.
Optimistic or just plain stupid?

Answer: Optimistic. Noa used to wake every single morning at 4:30 am. That stopped when she was close to 4 and now she's a total bear in the morning. However, because of that, waking Noa is the highlight of my day. I wake her the way I was woken for 1421 straight mornings; I stand in the middle of her room, scream BANANA ! and then stomp off.

Payback is a bitch and no, I don't feel petty for wanting revenge for something she did as a toddler. You need to take responsibility for your actions, even if you aren't even 3 feet tall.(1)

Ready to play? We can start off slow. ShallowGal has a closet full of size 6 dresses. Optimistic or just plain stupid?

Answer: Just plain stupid. If ShallowGal by some miracle (2) happens to get back into a size 6, she's headed straight to Nordstrom for a whole new wardrobe.

You're really good at this. ShallowGal really likes the grape Dansani water they sell at the gym. It's available at both the snack bar and the soda machine. Every day (3) just to avoid human interaction, SG tries to buy it from the machine even though it usually dispenses the lemon flavor instead. Optimistic or just plain stupid?

Just plain stupid. That machine has never once dispensed the correct drink, if it deigns to let me buy one at all. Not to mention why the hell is ShallowGal paying 2 bucks for a bottle of water anyway?

Tune in tomorrow for another brilliant post. Ha! Brilliant? Tomorrow? Who's the optimist now?

1) Nothing pisses me off more than a shirking midget
2) And by miracle I mean miraculously come across the money for liposuction.
3) Let's pretend every day. Lipo money doesn't grow on trees, apparently.


Marinka said...

I think I'm getting the hang of this and am excellent at this game. I hope that it becomes an Olympic sport soon.

vuboq said...

vuboq is a little glad that you didn't share the "fun little game."

And, I think I'm going to start waking people up by screaming BANANA! at them.

marathon mom said...

My unemployed spouse is really good at this game.

David said...

Each weekday, David vows he will focus on his work and not spend 70% of the day sneaking peeks at various blogs. Optimistic or just plain stupid?

I think we all know the answer here.