Friday, November 7, 2008

Things that make ShallowGal go hmmmm

This morning ShallowGal swung by her local library to pick up a book they had on hold. (1) The parking lot was full, as was the auxiliary parking lot. ShallowGal had to park in the super-auxiliary lot. (2)

The big draw? A used book sale. Now ShallowGal loves a good library book sale as much as the next guy but isn't it weird how many people push and shove their way into a tiny room to buy a book that they could borrow for free twenty feet away? (3)

1) Twilight. Yes, really. I know it's a book about teenage vampires. For teenagers. On second thought maybe we better keep this one between us.
2) It was important; SG's been on the waiting list for four months. Oh bite me. (Hey! A vampire fiction pun! Excellent.)
2) SG spent $21. You had to see that one coming.


Marinka said...

Good point! I read "Twilight" too. I won't tell you how it ends. No need to fang me.

sista #2 said...

The super-auxiliary lot???
Pushing and shoving?????
Are you sure you werent at Pick n Save on buy one get one free day?


I'm Julie said...

I'm interested to hear what you thought. I resisted reading it, and wasn't too interested in it at first, and then, I got sucked in. (Ba ha ha )
Just finished it last night. I ignored my children and every single bit of housework all day yesterday and lay on the couch, my eyes wide open and glazed over. Could not look at the world until I finished that book.

I love it when I don't expect to like a book and then it surprises me like that.

vuboq said...

vuboq doesn't like vampire books. blame Ms. Rice.

What did you buy me at the Book Sale?

When are we going to see pix of you in mouse ears?


Kelley said...

They only sell the ones that have the pages stuck together.

Oh yes. Like THAT.

I suggest you wear gloves.

Anonymous said...

My exchange student is really into that series...of course she's 16 so that is to be expected. But you...............

T-in PA

Emily said...

Read the whole series...devoured it actually. ha! And now I'm a Twilight Evangelist. EVERYONE needs to read these books!

My Name is Cat said...

Hippie (my 13 yr old) got me hooked. I bet you won't be willing to sit on some library waiting list for the next 3.

bobeesah said...

I'm in a serious love/hate relationship with those books. I love them, can't get enough of them, but then can't help but throw them down in distaste from all the spooniness from Bella...only to devour them again.

And you are hilarious, by the way!