Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cause a million monkeys with typewriters will eventually type Hamlet

Things that make me think my three year old is secretly a prodigy:

Eli (points to television): Look Mommy. Obama.

SG: Who is Obama?

Eli: Our new President.

Things that make me think my three year old is actually not a secret prodigy:

Eli: (to 17 year old short haired, African American man working the front desk at the ice rink) Are you Obama? (1)

Things seal the deal:
Eli: (pointing to front page of Washington Post ) Look Mommy, it's the man from the ice rink.

1) Also falls under the category "things make me think my kids are really trying to kill me by embarrassment"


Marinka said...

Why is Obama working at the ice rink?

ShallowGal said...

Marinka: Only until January 20th, he said.

Stimey said...

Oh, I love it. Jack used to call ALL little African-American boys "Little Bill." At least that was a little more subtle.

sista #2 said...

Least he's working...right?


Last Place Finisher said...

My son was a fan of Willy Wonkanobe.

David said...

Children WILL force you to deal with things you had no intention of addressing.

Gayle said...

This post has made me laugh out loud multiple times. Well done.