Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The raisin returneth (1)

Raisin watch continues:
Saturday will be the raisin & dashboard's one month anniversary

1) Technically "the raisin stayeth" but dude, it's mostly wordless Wednesday on an actual Wednesday. That's got to count for something.
2) Hopefully Zappos will send something.
3) Let's cut SG some slack here. In the past two days SG has been to the eye doctor (4) the mammogram place (5) and got the tail light fixed in the car (6)
4) Someone needs reading glasses.
5) The girls are just fine, thanks for asking. And the mammogram doesn't hurt at all, people! Hooray for healthy tatas!
6) Why that mechanic didn't just throw away the raisin while he was there is the question we should all be asking.


marathon mom said...

Has the raisin membrane been compromised in any way, such that there is leakage of its' contents? Me thinks that is the only way the raisin is still in place. IMHO.

vuboq said...

wordiest wordless wednesday EVER!

btw, glad the tatas are healthy. according to my sources, the amount of pain experienced during the mammogram is inversely proportional to the bodaciousness of teh tatas.

I'm Julie said...

Reading glasses and mammograms do not mean you are old. NO WAY.

The raisin on your dashboard for two months - it's possible that makes you look old.

I speak the truth in love, SG.

Stimey said...

I can't wait until summer until the raisin melts into goo on your dashboard.

Philly said...

Looks like a turd


sista #2 said...

It looks like it is growing.