Friday, February 15, 2008

Are you smarter than a first grader's mother?

Let's play a little game. ShallowGal just went to a museum, put on entirely by kindergarteners and first graders about the animals of the Arctic and Antarctic. These are two entirely different places with unique animal populations, but you knew that already, right?

Enough with the geography / animal science lesson. Here's the quiz:

Which project had "assistance" from the mom and which one was done entirely by the student?(1)

Project #1:

Orca whales, incidentally, live in the Arctic

Project #2:

Walrus. It's a walrus.

Take your time, and worst case scenario, if you have to guess, you have a 50/ 50 chance. Which child wins today's "Ralph Wiggum Award for the Project done with entirely no parental help?"

"I'm Idaho"

1) The way G-d intended these projects to be done. I like to remind my kids that I already passed the first grade; my diorama days are over.

1 comment:

First Time Dad said...

Please let it be the second project that had the parental assist....