Saturday, February 23, 2008

Suburban Dictionary

1. : Pooping bubbles:

A phrase coined by Eli during his last bout of stomach flu. 'Nuff said? You wish.

"My pooping bubbles."

2. Invoid Showers:

The very important job of sitting at the computer reading other people's blogs while listening to children sing in the shower in the next room (1).

"I'll go invoid showers while you do the dishes."

3. Pink Chicken:

Salmon, or for one very long week in January, ham.

"Eli, have 2 more bites of your pink chicken and you can have a cookie."

The time of our lives, anticipation!:

Ala High School Musical 2, the only proper response to a child asking "What time is it?" (2)

"Mommy, what time is it?" "The time of our lives, anticipation!" "Mommy, you are so lame."

5. Too tired to drive:

Had too much wine at Chuck E Cheese (super bowl party, school fundraiser) and don't want to say so in front of the kids.

"PCSguy, can you drive home? I just remembered that I'm too tired to drive."

1) Which is luckily a bathroom.
2) Especially when said child can tell time, has a watch and doesn't have anywhere to be for the next 11 years or so anyway.

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