Monday, February 11, 2008

Love is in the Air

You will never believe how ShallowGal spent her Sunday. Chaperoning her NINE year old and his girlfriend on a date. Yes way. We all went ice skating. And by "we" I mean that I brought along Noa. If you can think of anything that's less romantic than having your 7 year old sister along, I'd like to hear it (1)

In the car, they exchanged Valentine's Day presents. He gave her a Webkinz. In a stunning coincidence, she gave him a Webkinz. Before you start thinking this is some kind of Gift of the Magi for suburban tweens-type miracle, I'm pretty she told him what to get her.

She is just the teeniest bit pushy. Jake's e-mail signature says "Future President" and recently I saw that she'd made hers say "Future first lady." (2) She's not the first to dig her claws into him, either. When he was four he came home from pre-school and announced that he was engaged to Dana. It lasted until he was six and hadn't seen Dana in over 18 months which I assured him was well past the statue of limitations on engagements.

When Jake was three, my astrologer predicted this would happen. Specifically she told me that Jake would discover girls early and I would freak out and become overly controlling of his life and as a result Noa would have an opportunity to spread her wings.

I personally believe (3) that I will make a fantastic Mother-In-Law. When Jake is forty.

1) Really. I'd like to hear it. I need a larger repertoire, these kids catch on to my tricks quickly.
2) I'm not admitting to reading my son's e-mail, but I will acknowledge that there is no constitutional right to privacy until you can afford your own computer.
3) Every time I say that I want to launch into a speech about how some US Americans don't have maps.

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