Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Very Shallow Political Commentary

It's time you knew: ShallowGal and PCSguy have a mixed marriage. Yes, I'm afraid it's true, PCSguy is a conservative. (1)

Now I asked him this morning to please explain how he can label himself a conservative, being as he's technically a registered Democrat and he voted for Kerry in '04 and Gore before that. I think you'll agree, it was very enlightening:

Something about how McCain is a good guy. Blah Blah could vote for Obama maybe if something happened. Blah Blah Blah, Bush did or maybe didn't do something, but honestly it's all about being fiscally conservative like you are, and finally something about the Congress.

But meanwhile I don't think it's any secret that ShallowGal is a big ol' tree hugging liberal. If I didn't have three little impressionable little readers running around my house, I would so being wearing this tee-shirt as I type:

Politically active, a pretty color and correct spelling all in one shirt!

Not that influencing young voters isn't a priority of mine. Especially after I overheard my almost ten year old on the phone saying he would vote for the guy with the funny name who played the guitar on the cover of that magazine. That's why nine year olds don't vote.

And for the insatiably curious among you: on Tuesday I plan to pick Noa up from school and cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. And I will hope that Noa never has to worry about a politician telling her what she can or cannot do with her own body.(2)
1) Not to fear ! It's not like he's a Patriots fan or something insurmountable like that !
2) Not that anyone really can tell Noa what to do about anything but you get my drift.

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First Time Dad said...

FTM mom is drives her Audi around here with her Gore 2008 sticker. It's easy to forget what a red state we live in as she continuously gets the finger and bad attitude from more right leaning drivers...

I guess we have a mixed marriage situation too, except FTD is dis-enfranchised and has no vote I'd guess that we'd probably vote for the same candidate but very totally different reasons...