Thursday, January 31, 2008

6 ways to (find a good reason to cheer for the Giants on) Sunday

Fact: ShallowGal is a huge Giants fan. (1 + 2) Not some band-wagon hopper either, a true-blue, since before Phil Simms announced "I'm going to Disneyland!" or Tiki Barber started doing fashion commentary on Project Runway fan.

Now be forewarned, this is quite possibly the most controversial topic that ShallowGal has ever tackled. More contentious than the sock post even. PCSguy, whose boss' boss (3) hails from Boston suggested that my football views might cause him some amount of problems. I'm willing to risk it; my readers are entitled to ALL the facts heading into Sunday's big game.

Thus, with no further introduction (4) SIX reasons why you should root for the Giants.

Reason #1) Tom Brady is a skank. Oh yes he is.
What would you call the guy who leaves his pregnant girlfriend for a Brazilian supermodel? And then insists that the baby have his first and middle name? That boy needs a good ass-kicking in front of all of America.

Reason # 2) You ALWAYS root for the underdog.

True Story: We rented Underdog a few months ago, the kids (never having seen the original cartoon) really liked it. Now when you push Eli on the swing high enough to run under (you know, an underdog) he yells "Underdog the movie!!" How cute is that?

Seriously? That's not a good enough reason? Fine. I have more.

Reason #3) You know the phrase "winners never cheat and cheaters never win?" Right. Enough said.

Reason #4 ) Eli Manning is adorable. Also since the playoffs began, I've taken to calling my Eli (5) 'Eli Manning' He might actually think that's his name now. I'm willing to risk a minor identity crisis for a Super Bowl title.

Reason #5) Hitler was a Patriots fan.

Reason #6) Because when the Giants lost to the Patriots back in December I told PCSguy that they'd avenge themselves in the Super Bowl. For real ! And he laughed at me.

1) And Yankees and Rangers. However I like the Wizards in basketball and the Nationals and Cubbies for National League baseball. Got all that?
2) I am like this close to deciding between first person and third person because it's even making me crazy.
3) That phrase tests like every apostrophe rule ever made.

4) Can you even imagine? Without an introduction these posts would be like 24 unrelated words and some punctuation.

5)No relation to Eli Manning (but related to me) Seriously, I'm going to need a footnote to explain the joke in the footnote.