Thursday, January 10, 2008

Staff Meeting

Good evening ! Thanks for coming. There's coffee and donuts in the back. Help yourself.

We have a few administrative matters to discuss tonight. I won't keep you long, we're all super-busy, I know. (1)

Issue #1: If you look to your right, you will see a few linky-doos to some other blogs. Lolita Travelsalot over at The Jet Set Girls told me she's gotten a few hits from here. (2) If you'd like to be added to this carefully vetted list, please leave me a comment. If your traffic doesn't double I will refund all your money.

This segues nicely into . . .

Issue #2: Blogger and I had a long talk and it finally allowed me to change my commenting procedure. You no longer need a Google ID to comment, you can use any name under the "OPEN ID" section, or even comment anonymously. Just remember to play nice. No more excuses internet-friends !

Let's practice our new comment section skills. See these shoes ?
Right here. These shoes.

Cookie magazine (3) seems to think that I need metallic flats. (They also claim I need an anorak but one thing at a time. ) What's the verdict on these shoes?

If there's no new business then, we can close-up shop. See you all tomorrow! (4)

1) Personally I need to watch the new 30 Rock AND Celebrity Apprentice so I need to get crackin over here.
2)Thanks for coming back. I was worried you'd like it over there better and stay, what with their imaginary Aerosole boot give-aways and all.
3) I really run hot and cold on this magazine. I like that they have a sex column for moms but I could live without the baby room furniture that costs more than my car.
4) Early in our careers PCSguy and I both used to ghost-write articles about the internet. (This was back when Al Gore first invented it) Whenever we drew a blank on the ending we'd just say "See you on the Web." We thought we were so clever. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

I'm a regular commenter here -- so maybe this whole comment comment isn't directed at me...However, I have a question. How much are the shoes?

The Jet Set Girls said...

Starting to wonder who you're razzing more, the vulnerable JSG or the poor PCS guy. Watch out, starting to relate to the husband. Ha! (Deleted previous comment as I used expletive unbecoming of me.)

Amy said...

Hey Lolita babe, I only razz the people I love, right PCSguy?

Amy said...

PCSguy, don't worry about the cost of the shoes, we can roll it into the home equity loan.

Connie C said...

Is that a variable rate? (Yikes. There goes the neighborhood.)