Monday, January 21, 2008

Peoples Court with Judge (your name here)

Look who's here. It's my favorite reader ! Oh my gosh, you look great today. Have you lost weight?

Oh, I just remembered. As long as you're here would you mind settling a little dispute between PCSguy and myself? He's busy upstairs so I'll objectively provide both sides of the discussion.

Issue: PCSguy wants to put a basketball hoop in the driveway.

ShallowGal says:
As much as I know you'd love to have a hoop in the driveway, with the porch and garage addition there's just not that much room.

But you promised.

Yes. Back when we only had a carport and a few ugly plants in the front yard I promised. But now we've spent a lot of money on upgrades that leave the driveway less than 120 square feet. Also the small amount of driveway that's left is sloped at a steep downward angle towards a very busy street where people drive very fast.

But hoops are fun.

I agree, I'd like to have a hoop too. But there are 2 hoops on the cul-de-sac 25 feet away, I'm sure you could use those. Plus the hoop base would kill the grass that we spent all last summer trying to grow. It would also break up the small amount of empty yard that the kids use for throwing the frisbee or football. Plus I'd have to move the car everytime they wanted to play. And an errant ball could break one of the new garage light fixtures or that ceiling fan on the front porch that took us months to find.
But what about Jake's basketball scholarship?

So my most favorite reader, what do you think? You be the judge !

PS: Only one day left to enter my name this mystery object contest !


Anonymous said...

OK OK. Fine. No hoop. For now.

But can I have a puppy?

First Time Dad said...

I second the vote for the puppy.... In fact I will go as far as offering you a long term lease on one. This pup has one careful owner, is poorly trained, and lets face could be a potential training ground for a dog whispering scholarship.