Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Man Cold

In honor of PCSguy's trip to London (1) I thought I'd share this bloody brilliant video from BBC's hit comedy ManStrokeWoman.

You know that just reminded me of the time back in November when Eli got pink eye. Our pediatrician is a fairly decent guy and wrote the eye drop prescription with 5 refills, figuring pink eye usually spreads like, well, like pink eye.

PCSguy was terrified. He was headed to Florida the next day so he immediately concocted a plan to visit the urgent care in Miami. The urgent care where, for a one hundred dollar co-pay they would prescribe the exact same drops for which he already had a prescription.

Now PCSguy will argue that in the past few years that he's been much healthier than I have, and I will concede that point. (2) However I think the video is suggesting (and if it's on YouTube it must be true) that it is actually the reasonableness of the sick person that we're evaluating.

True story. About 2 years ago, PCSguy had a cold and demanded chicken noodle soup from Chicken Out. No red and white can would cut it, he needed the real deal. The kids and I went to Chicken Out and discovered that soup actually cost more per gallon than gasoline. We bought a small container and came home.

PCSguy ate about 2/3 of the soup for lunch. That night at dinner he asked for more soup. Rather than go back out, I added some Swansons broth to the leftover soup. And he was happy.

The next day for lunch, I added a can of Progresso soup to the Chicken Out / Swansons mix. And that night at dinner, after I had added a chicken-flavored broth cube and some boiling water to the crumpling Chicken Out container, PCSguy actually said, "You can really taste the difference with the real chicken soup instead of that canned stuff." I swear to blog.

This is where the picture of a sick PCSguy would go
but trust me, you do not want to see that

1) To learn what's new about printer cartridges on that side of the pond.
2) These kids are like really talkative petri dishes.

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