Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another fascinating peek into how I spend my day

In case you haven't noticed here and here and oh fine, here, there's something about me that is just not right. Not 'call social services' not right but definitely 'let's have the playdate at my house instead' not right.

Today's case in point; my bag collection.

Here we go again

Like everything in my life, I didn't just wake up today with this crazy-ass project in mind. We had a couple inches of snow today and Jake wanted to go outside to play. He couldn't find his boots so I had to get up from the couch and help look.

Everything comes out of the hall closet; no boots but a shit-load of shopping bags. Just as I'm laying into him about "How on Earth do you lose boots," I notice mine aren't in there either. (1) So I look in my closet for my boots and, big surprise, instead find bags.

Jake goes out in the snow in his tennis shoes and I decide to spend an afternoon sorting my bags. American Express will have to wait another day to be paid, this obviously takes priority.

I don't sort my bags as often as my lonely socks so there's no system. First I gathered all my various little bags of bags (the only way to properly store a bag.) My Alzheimer Grandma likes to stick stuff behind furniture and ostensibly I could teach her a thing or two about hoarding and hiding crap.

Early estimates put my bag collection well over 200. I'd like to pretend that these bags just multiply in the night like the laundry does but it's no secret that I have a shopping problem. For starters, I occasionally buy stuff at Sephora.

Hence my Sephora Friends and Family codes

I'm not sure exactly why I save all these bags. So I can reminisce about especially memorable purchases? To save the environment? In case I become a bag lady?

I'd be one classy bag lady

Some of these bags actually do hold memories. This one reminds me of the trip to Naples, Florida where I spent a car payment on 2 dresses (2) and a bag. And had plenty of quality time with PCSguy, of course (3)

Don't tell the other bags, but you're my favorite

Some of these bags, like the Coach one a few pictures back, I keep because they're so pretty. Like little works of art that you can put stuff in. This bag, however, isn't.

I'm afraid if I throw this bag out it will climb out of the trash can and kill me in my sleep

1) So instead of Jake being careless it's now obviously a conspiracy
2) I got that dress in Ruby and a gorgeous yellow print dress (which PCSguy approved despite the cost because it's really low cut) and now I'm thinking I might need this one too.
3) But, oh, the shopping in Naples is fantastic !

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