Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Everything I know about politics I learned from my nine year old

Jake ! Get down here and clean up all these birthday cards that you made to celebrate the 16th Amendment. (1)
If I had a nickel every time a mother said that, well, I'd be ten cents richer. (2)

You know, of course, that ShallowGal's eldest is running as a third party candidate (3) for President. ShallowGal was able to sneak a peek at his convention plans:

  1. Address issue of global warming
  2. Address issue of world hunger
  3. Dance-off
  4. Talent Show
Shh. Don't tell Mike Huckabee.

1) The income tax amendment.
2) Cause I had to say it twice.
3) Given his love of the 16th Amendment, he's certainly not a Libertarian.

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Anonymous said...

Whew! Finally a candidate I can vote for and feel good about. Please tell him he's got my vote.