Thursday, February 28, 2008

My monthly miracle

Hey, I'm all for science and far from squeamish, but this is too much even for me.

Faithful readers meet C'elle. C'elle meet PCSguy and T from Pennsylvania.

This nice company has kindly offered to put my menstrual blood in deep freeze until they can determine some future possible use for it. For the low, low price of $499 plus $99 year.

They'd like to remind me that I am not getting any younger.(1) ShallowGal has a limited time AND I QUOTE "to build (my) own personal healthcare and wellness investment portfolio comprised of precious menstrual stem cells."

So to review: it's expensive, unproven and gross. Where do I sign up?

1) Right back atcha C'elle.


Anonymous said...

YOur kidding right?????

Kim aka palomino

Anonymous said...

I can't even BEGIN to imagine where you found this! HOLY MOLY!!!

So I'm T from PA? Kewl! ;-)

J said...

I like T from PA would like to know how you came across this little diddy of info.

Julie from PA