Monday, August 4, 2008

And it's not even the stupidest argument they had today

"Noa told her imaginary friends to tell my imaginary friends that I said I hated them so they'd be mad at me and I'd have to play with her."

ShallowGal was too busy lobbying the school board for year-round school to mediate.


countrymouse said...

This is why God invented booze. Seriously.

I'm Julie said...

Once my 4 year old came to my crying, because my 10 year old son had EATEN ALL OF HER PRETEND CAKE!! It was a serious drama. And I actually yelled at the 10 year old for eating all the cake.


Doing backflips! Only took 39 years for me to make it to the Popular Girls' Table!

Salli said...

I was feeling exasperated with my kids today before I read this. At least I didn't have two other imaginary beings that I had to contend with. Thanks for making me feel better. PS. I agree with countrymouse about the booze. :)

I'm Julie said...

PS Please don't tell your rabbi I said OMFG.

Amy said...

Booze and xanax. Hell yeah.

And Julie: My kids have had the EXACT same fight about imaginary cake. I tried to offer more imaginary cake and was told, in no uncertain terms, that my imaginary cake sucked.

xoxo, SG

Cindy said...

I'm always running into the playroom to intervene in some really nasty name-calling between my two, only to find out that it's actually between their respective Polly Pockets, not between them!!