Saturday, August 2, 2008

ShallowGal is, like totally spirtual

An actual conversation Friday with my Rabbi.

Rabbi: Young lady, I have something for you. (Hands me a Yankee travel mug) I was at Yankee stadium Wednesday and it was the giveaway. (1)

ShallowGal: Oh my God, thank you. Oh. I mean, oh my goodness, thank you.

Rabbi: It's OK. You're welcome.

SG: Crap, I just said 'Oh my God' to the Rabbi. Oh my God, I just said crap. Jesus what's wrong with me? Oh my God, I don't mean Jesus, obviously, we're in a synagogue for God's sake. Oh, crap.


SG: I'm going to go now. Thanks for the cup.

Rabbi: Bye.

Hopefully I can bring my new travel mug to Hell to keep my diet coke cold.

1) Over the years, the Rabbi and I have spent hours discussing baseball. That's how he knows I'm a big Yankee fan. We have never once discussed religion.


Stimey said...

If I had a rabbi (or a priest, or a nun, or whatever it is the religious folk have) I would probably do the very same thing. Only I'd accidentally toss in a motherf*ck for good measure.

Let's meet up in hell.

I'm Julie said...

I once cursed in front of my priest. He assured me that God loves me anyway. But I should still try to stop. (Note to self...)

I am quite sure there are no Yankee mugs in hell. So ya know, you got that going for you.

vuboq said...

vuboq is pretty sure that discussing baseball for hours *is* hell.


Kate said...

I'm sure he thought it was cute?

I never really think of myself as someone who swears a lot - but then I catch myself using the F word in public - in front of children - in front of mothers of said children who apparently don't approve. And then I want to tell them "but I really don't swear that often!" But I don't because really - who the fuck cares what they think anyway. My own children are cool with it.

Seariously though - I don't swear THAT much. Especially since I heard my almost 2 year old daughter mimic me saying shit.

Anonymous said...

I asked a nun in grade school (sorry I will not disclose what grade) if nun's were spayed. one of the most embarassing moments of my life. My mother was called to school and asked to explain things to me!

Cindy said...

Thank you SO much, I really needed a laugh today!

Marinka said...

That is so funny!