Friday, August 29, 2008

When labelmakers happen to (mostly) good people

Have you ever paged through a Container Store catalog and wondered "who do they think they're fooling? Nobody's pantry looks like that!"

SG is going to break in and face the mixer to the right. Fuck up their whole world.

Possibly bring them a purple appliance as an apology

Internet meet ShallowGal. Nice to meet you. Hey! Would you like to see my pantry?

If ShallowGal were a sell-out she'd accept the offer from Tupperware to replace
the Amazon box with a matching modular mate.(1) SG is keeping it real for you!

Today's manic episode has been brought to you by Brother and their fine line of labelmakers. Let's make it clear how seriously SG takes her labels; this morning PCSguy put the coffee back in the pantry with the label facing the back of the pantry. ShallowGal called her attorney.

It's ironic how the camera flash made the labelmaker look like it's already in hell.
Cause SG is totally bringing it with her.

Bottom line: if it can't be labeled, SG isn't interested. And yes, while technically the cans of corn are labeled, they don't match the other labels. Especially the spaghetti-o's. Those labels are U-G-L-Y.

So ShallowGal had a dilemma (2) She could keep the nonconforming canned goods as recommended by every emergency response authority known to man or she could have a nice neat pantry.

Know what would be funny? If a giant hurricane hit the Eastern Seaboard and knocked out power for a month and everyone had to rely on their stores of canned food. And ShallowGal's family starved to death and when the bodies were discovered everyone was like "what a tragedy, but man, get a load of this pantry. It's like a Container Store catalog. Except for these fruit flies."

Cause labelmakers can do many things, but they cannot help in ShallowGal's never ending war against fruit flies.

1) PCSguy would totally take free Tupperware. (hint hint) But that offer was actually just to BUY Tupperware, and get discounted shipping. SG is *so* small-time.
2) Again with the dilemma. Someone get this girl a thesaurus. Also, SG is pretty sure spell check is wrong and it's spelled dilemna.


Holy Crappers said...

I like to screw around with people like you when I go visit. Switch labels.
I once rearranged a few pieces in someone's very clean and sanitized garage. Then I ran.


Stimey said...

Dude, if you don't kick his ass NOW, PCSguy is going to totally destroy your pantry. I had a cabinet that looked like the container store. Alex used it for, say, five minutes, and now it looks like the rest of my cabinets again. But extra crowded because of all my awesome labeled containers stuffed in the back.

I'm Julie said...

Honest to God, when I got my label maker I labeled VERYthing. "Computer" "Husband". "Child #1" "Child #2"

Oh my goodness do I love the label maker. My house is still a wreck, but everythiing is clearly labeled.

Your pantry looks awesome!

Label the fruit flies!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I covet your labelmaker. I went cheap and totally regret it. My next labelmaker will be the Brother. (And I agree, I thought it was actually dilemna, but spellcheck disagrees.)

Kelley said...

I had a label maker. My son ate it. But at least his poo was labelled.

And girl, come and organise my spices cause I just spent 4 hours trying to find the cumin. All the while laughing cause I like to call it cummin' like an 8 year old boy.

texasholly said...

I have two label makers. One brother which of course has the hideously expensive replacement cartridges and one cheap Wal-Mart one for stuff that doesn't need to be labeled forever and can get by with the cheap-going-to-fall-off-soon labels.

I am in the denial stage of labelmaking so please don't mention this to me.

Oh, and that Container Store pantry really needs a big RED appliance in the middle. It would coordinate, but be a bit unexpected. But they never ask me to do their staging. hmmmmm...