Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacationing with ShallowGal: easy as 1 2 3

ed note: This post was originally titled Vacationing by the Numbers but Stimey read my mind and stole my title. Pretty sneaky sis. Luckily she knew how pissed I'd be (1) and had the foresight to give me my very first award.

SG has been called many things but never informative

Technically ShallowGal is supposed to now pass this award along but she is both an award whore and an award hoarder. Say that 5 times fast. Award whore and award hoarder. I can't even type it five times fast. (See that? How I distracted you from the fact that I kept my award?)

Anywho. Traveling with ShallowGal is easy as one two three (or simple as do re mi) (2)

ONE massive fruit fly invasion discovered in the pantry upon our return.

TWO pounds over the suitcase weight limit. (Bonus number fact: Zero: number of times Air Tran representative would have noticed had PCSguy not pointed it out to her. Good going buddy! )

Alternate fact for TWO: total pairs of shoes packed by ShallowGal. For real. Running shoes and these:

Another pair of Earth shoes. SG could lose serious street cred if this gets out.

ShallowGal packed running shoes. Note that didn't say ShallowGal wore her running shoes. What kind of vacation do you think this was?

THREE massages. In 8 days. Yes, that's what kind of vacation it was. Of or pertaining to the sloth-y sybaritic genre.

Other THREE facts: Three meals a day eaten without my three children. Three books read cover to cover.

Easy as one two three. (3)

1) She's a really good mind reader.
Just to prepare you, there will be no actual tie-in here later to the Jackson 5. ShallowGal did not approach this post with an end in mind.
3) You are all indebted to Stimey for stealing my title so I had to stop at three. And Stimey, thanks for the award !


Stimey said...

Right now you're thinking that you want to take Stimey on your next vacation so Stimey can get three massages too.

I am good at mind reading.

Anonymous said...

PCS Guy here.

1) I am *always* very honest with discount airline employees.

2) Am I the only one who had to look up 'sybaritic' ?

Teri said...

25. The number of lbs. that Not Just a Mom's suitcase was over the limit on our way to VT.

30. The number of lbs. that NJaM's suitcase was over the limit on our way back from VT. Go figure.

We're heading to the nudist colony next summer.