Friday, August 1, 2008

Backhanded compliment Friday

This oldie but goody came last December courtesy of a salesclerk in a So Ho boutique. I stopped to examine my knit-dress-covered butt in a full length mirror when she announced:

You have the best ass I've ever seen on a white girl.

Edited to explain: Well, actually, let's let Sir Mix A Lot clarify. He's good with words.


sista #2 said...

you go girl!


the straight guy said...

The Straight Guy knew this already. ShallowGal is a totally hot chick.

I'm Julie said...

I couldn't wait to get online today and see what you had been backhanded with this week. That is the best! (Worst??)

countrymouse said...

a conversation between me and my darling husband a couple years ago:

hubby: Wow, I can tell you've really lost weight.

me: Thanks, but I still have the buttshelf thing going on.

hubby: That's okay, it used to be a butt table.

me: WHAT?!

hubby: ummm, only a side table . . .

And there we go. That's only *one* of the millions of backhanded compliments I have received from my family. Any guesses as to why I'm all whackadoo the way I am?

Ms☆Go said...

I was going to say something about that the other night, but I thought you'd take it as a negative.

...But yep, you DO have a bubble. ;)