Friday, August 22, 2008

Backhanded compliment Friday

ShallowGal (reading from the local paper): The Senior Olympics are coming up. Listen to these events ~ scrabble, horseshoes, shuffleboard, yo-yo, miniature golf, line dancing, ice skating and bunco.
Jake: You should totally enter the skating competition. I bet you'd win.

See ShallowGal on the bottom right ?

PS: Jake claims he thought that senior just meant anyone who wasn't a junior.
PPS: FYI: Only yo-yo-ing breaks down the competition by age group; 50-69 and 70 and over. Is age an advantage or a disadvantage in competitive yo-yo? Better require something besides a Chinese passport, just in case.
PPSS: Spell check HATED that PPS, claiming the first sentence is just a bunch of random letters. Hey spell check: if typing becomes a senior Olympic sport you better bring it now!
PPSSS: I have no idea why I told spell check to bring it. It's been a long week. Hey ! Remember when ShallowGal used to use footnotes? WTF is up with the postscripts? They're just like a license to babble.

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