Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Not to Wear (Vermont's Largest Agricultural Fair edition)

1) Sandals 2) White 3) Anything labeled dry clean only.

Basically one should wear muck boots and a John Deere cap.

Other than that, we fit right in

Because when the locals say "you picked a good day to come, it's not muddy today" they don't mean it in the way one's candy-assed suburban-fied kids mean it. No. They mean it like this:

Actually I don't know what they mean. Holy cow there was a lot of mud.(1)

Other than that, Vermont's Largest Agricultural Fair was, well, large. And agricultural.

Memo to the state of Vermont: Noa would like to request that all future agricultural fairs be carpeted. And air conditioned. And less stinky with fewer bugs.

Noa preferred the less authentic activities of the previous day, which included a lot of plywood cutouts, free samples and instructional videos. First there was the cider mill:

agri-tainment at its finest

Then a cheese factory which was technically an outlet store.

Nobody laughed when ShallowGal said "Say cheese."

FYI: ShallowGal and family are now happily ensconced at the Tyler Place. Regular posting will resume Monday, unless something exciting happens like the time our pontoon boat crashed or PCSguy fell out of a canoe.

1) See the cow reference? We're in Northern Vermont, expect more of those clever puns!


First Time Dad said...

So now cellphones but wireless in Vermont this year??

Cindy said...

Awww, I'm sorry no one laughed at your joke! Did you repeat it a couple of times, with extra emphasis on the CHEESE part??

Sounds like my children enjoy getting back to nature in about the same way as yours!

sista #2 said...

I thought your cheese comment was hysterical!
Darn kids...what do they know?

Have a great trip!

Teri said...

Cheese, ice cream, and mud. Oh, and rain. Lots and lots of rain. That's pretty much what Vermont means to me ;-)

Have fun with the Tyler's and make sure you have the Russian lemonade. Yum.

Anonymous said...


That is NOT alot of mud. ;-)

T- from PA