Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Playground edition

Just when I wonder how I will survive another three year old,
he does something that makes me unbelievably proud
Like protect 37 senior citizens on a haunted hay ride.

Alzheimer Grandma no longer has any clue as to who Eli is
but she knows she loves him.


Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Very sweet. And also sad at the same time.

Stimey said...

Small children have tremendous powers of adorableness and lovability.

sista #2 said...

How can you not love old people?

and you son:)


I'm Julie said...

Nothing could light up both of my Alzheimer Grandmas like my kids.

I do miss those ladies. Would give just about anything to spend another day with either of them, answering the same damn question over and over again.

(That looks sarcastic in print, but I really mean it.)

country mouse said...


Anonymous said...


T from PA

Kelley said...

how gorgeous.

The pure joy on each face.

heartatpreschool said...

Clearly... I just discovered your blog - I can't stop reading it!

So, even though my comment is about three months late, I just had to say that is just about the sweetest thing I've ever read.