Monday, October 27, 2008

Just another manic Monday

Alternate title: Taking the Stay at Home out of Stay at Home mom.

Alternate alternate title: Nobody wants to read this crap.

Here's ShallowGal's schedule for today. As VUBOQ would say: I haz all teh fun.

7:45 Noa to school
8:25 Jake to school
9:30 Eli to school
9:30 to 12:30 ShallowGal tackles her to-do list
12:30 Eli home from school
12:45 Noa home from school
1:35 Jake home from school
2:20 Jake and Noa 'well kid' check-ups. (1)
2:45 All 3 kids flu shots.
3:00 Jake and Noa to gymnastics
4:00 Jake from gymnastics
4:25 Noa from gymnastics
5:00 Parent conference with Jake's teacher
5:30 Jake to Hebrew school
7:30 Jake home from Hebrew school

Things on SG's to-do list:
  • pack entire family for Disney world trip (2)
  • find guest bloggers (3)
  • Pay bills, laundry, meals, etc. All the minutiae I usually protect you guys from having to hear about.

How SG will probably really spend her day:
Odds are good that with a day this busy, SG will undertake an additional project of monumental unimportance. Something like alphabetizing her hotel toiletry collection. Stay tuned.

1) Their birthdays are in March and September. SG is nothing if not timely.
2) We come back a week from tomorrow. Our trip is basically over already. Bummer.
3) Interested? E-mail me or comment.
4) and right now, we're both thinking it's so not worth it.


vuboq said...

vuboq can haz Guest Blogging stint plz?

Do your kids always get out of school around noon or is that just b/c of the checkups/flu shots thing?

ShallowGal said...

V: Mondays are half days in FFx Cty. I'll get you up to speed when you accept my Manny job ;-)

PS: DM'd you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, what's for dinner?

PCS Guy (hiding under his desk)

I'm Julie said...

3 years ago, per doc's insistence, we all got flu shots. Never sicker In. Our. Lives. One after the other, round and round it went.

Against doc's strenuous objections, we never got them again (flu shots, I mean. Or flu.)

Have a great time at Disneyworld. We will miss you! I'll send you my recipe for chicken soup when you get home.

David said...

I'd be up for a guest spot.

Just let me know any guidelines for content (like no f-bombs).

vuboq said...

No F-Bombs? Well, fuck, there went my whole guest post ...

*le sigh*

Kelley said...


Can you homeschool Hebrew school? Cause I would be totally all over that with my son the French Israeli with an American accent.

And your day? I say charge the laptop in the car and don't even bother getting out. Except to go to the toilet. Cause adult nappies are not a good look. Just ask that astronaut chick.

Stimey said...

Dude. I think I'm late for the guest post spot. My guess is that you're Disney-ing it up already.