Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess what ShallowGal bought herself this week

I like to call this one "Eli Standing"

No, really, I dare you. Guess. I'll give you a hint; we already owned the required helmet and Buzz wings.(1)

Yes! A little tiny video camera! The size of my phone! What gave it away? Just think of the inane daily things we can now share! Like this little video montage from Eli's second skating lesson (2)

(1) They are really strict about new skaters wearing costume wings, according to Eli.
(2)With occasional cutaways to that other child, what's his name? Right. Jake. Don't worry about him thou, we have plenty of super 8 footage of him doing pretty much nothing too.


vuboq said...

VUBOQ is going to guess that you bought either a three-year-old or an ice skating rink!

Am I right? What do I win? Lunch with ShallowGal? Next Week? Perfect! Call me!

countrymouse said...

Is that the cutest thing ever or what???? I love the part where your little guy can't quite get his feet under himself and we can hear you *laughing* at your own child! He's gonna love that too . . .

ShallowGal said...

Hey, be fair. In that second video Eli was *refusing* to put his feet down After a year of skating with him, I'm very familiar with that trick.

I was laughing at the poor $12 hour teacher who I'm pretty sure didn't sign up for THAT.

xoxo, SG