Friday, January 16, 2009

How to sort your laundry, ShallowGal style

Being just the teeniest bit OCD, SG has a laundry sorting system. (1) She has TWO 3 section laundry sorters, plus two stand alone hampers. On an average week (2) there are:

2 loads of whites on warm
2 loads of colors on cold
2 loads of towels and dishcloths
1 loads of sheets
1 load of denim
1 load of PCSguy laundry (3)
1 load of red and pinks.

This week SG hit a new milestone:

An entire load of khaki (4)

SG may have to give up blogging to start sorting laundry full-time

1) And the fact that I've waited 15 months to talk about it is a testament to my fantastic self restraint. Actually this has been a huge growing year for SG, because for 9 years she would use no detergent except for Tide Free and just in the past few months has expanded to Tide Free 2x ultra concentrated.
2)Average is another word for vomit-free.
3)Which to prove some long-forgotten point he does himself every Saturday morning.

4) With the beginnings of an orange load next to it.


Becca said...

I admire your laundry sorting skills. Generally when I do laundry, all my white underwear mysteriously turns pink!

Anonymous said...

some long-forgotten point = The time I turned everything pink.


rn terri said...

Good system, my boys hate pink underwear. :-)

Thrift Store Mama said...

I'm not joking - I sort my laundry exactly the same way. Except I only have 2 of the three section laundry sorters and 1 other stand alone sorter in my basement. I use a giant LL Bean tote bag for our "hampers" in the bedrooms. I also line dry all of our clothes except socks and underwear. I'm really not OCD though - I just hate it when a cute little shirt gets fuzzy and pilly from being washed with denim one too many times!

countrymouse said...

One April many years ago I accidentally washed something very red with all hubby's socks and undies. His undergarments were the most becoming shade of pink. I tried to convince him it was the new spring line, but he didn't believe me. We stayed married anyway. And it didn't get me out of doing his laundry : (

I'm Julie said...

I knew I had finally hit laundry Madness when my sorting grew to a similar point - a load of denim and khakis, a load of darks, a load of whites, a load of reds/pinks, and a load of orange/yellows. That's not even including sheets, towels and the "misc" load of light but not white stuff.

That's just crazy, right??

sista #2 said...

You are scaring me.


Marinka said...

I believe in laundry integration.

the mama bird diaries said...

A full load of khaki? I've never witnessed such a thing.