Monday, January 19, 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posts (1)

because ShallowGal is in the hospital with Alzheimer Grandma who is suffering some cardiac problems. And Pneumonia. Along with few other minor issues. Which SG found out about after a three hour hour search of Northern Virginia hospitals because someone, who shall remain nameless (2) misplaced Alzheimer Grandma.

Luckily Grandma has been found, but she's missing her clothes, and worse, her teeth. SG had planned to attend Hands on Kirtsy DC and the inaugural tweet-up, but will instead sit in the cardiac ICU and take advantage of the free wi fi. And try to scam one of those awesome pink cups with a built in straw, like you get when you have a baby. Or at the very least, a few containers of jello. But really, SG deserves the cup.

1) There was one for Monday about buying furniture and one for Tuesday about my memories of inaugurations past.
2) Nameless only because SG is still trying to lay blame. But once she does this person will be instantly recognizable by the new asshole SG plans to rip him.


Ali said...

Oh my goodness. How awful for your family. Your poor Grandma.Someone should be held accountable for that! Hope she is better soon.

Kelley said...

How does someone lose a person.

take video of the ripping of the new arsehole. I need instructions for my kids cause they are 'visual learners' or something.

You totally deserve that cup babe. Take two.

Marinka said...

Yes, you deserve a cup. At the very least. I'm very sorry for what you're going through.

First Time Dad said...

I am really sorry to hear about this. Maybe the events in DC today will do something to lighten the mood. Best wishes from FTD, FTM and Zoe.

countrymouse said...

Not just the cup--you deserve one of those plastic vomit basins too!

All the best with Grandma and happy inauguration day!

countrymouse said...

Dude--you're the comment of the day on Jenny-the-Blogess' dead kitten mitten post! But you probably already knew that . . .

As you were.

I'm Julie said...

SG it is just WRONG that you are making me giggle when telling about Alzheimer's Grandma. On the other hand, what the hell else are you gonna do? Alzheimers SUCKS OUT LOUD.

(I say that on great authority, unfortunately!)

Prayers to you and to Grandma.

Philly said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. It sucks getting old. Get that cup with the straw and put something strong into it !


Stimey said...

Okay, horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. At least you had a babysitter, right? Horrifying.

I'm still sending good thoughts to you.

sista #2 said...

Hide the original cup. Cry, cry real loud. Get new cup for SG. Give Grandma back the old, hidden one. Then, put something with a large alcohol content in new pink cup. Everyone is happy.

I hope Grandma is doing well.


the mama bird diaries said...

I'm sorry about your Grandma. Glad you are with her.

Take the cup. Don't even hesitate.