Thursday, January 22, 2009

ShallowGal speculates on Season 5 of LOST

ShallowGal spent the past month doing nothing but watching the first four seasons of LOST on the SciFi Channel; undoubtedly making her the premier expert between the ages of 38 and 40 in Burke, Virginia on the series. Or at least in the top ten.

Fact/secret I never told PCSguy: Three years ago, while ShallowGal was surfing LOST spoiler forums, her computer went "poof" (1) As a result, ShallowGal has never looked at any LOST related internet site since. (2)

So these theories / speculations (2.5) may already be common knowledge. There's also an excellent chance that not a single reader cares what SG thinks about LOST. But look at it this way; it's better than the depressing Alzheimer Grandma updates.

ShallowGal's LOST theories and speculation

#1) When Sun told Kate, 'I don't blame you for Jin's death'? She was totally lying. Last season she told her father that there were two people she blamed for Jin's death and he was one of them. See how she said "people" not "men." Wouldn't surprise me if she hired the attorneys who wanted Aaron's DNA. Conclusion: Sun is now evil. Watch your back, Kate.

#2) That white haired woman at the end, who I keep wanting to call Lillian for no good reason, is Daniel Faraday's mother. She looks familiar because she was the one who wouldn't sell Desmond the engagement ring last season. In the episode where Desmond tried to become a monk, and the head monk kicked him out, there was a picture on his desk of him with Lillian. Conclusion: Head Monk is in on it.

#3) When Kate took the plea bargain, one of the conditions was that she not leave California. Her lawyer (3) tried to convince her not to take it. Bad move Kate.

#4) Next time John Locke sees Richard Alpert will be in the past. Do you remember the flashback where Alpert "tested" a ten year old Locke, offering him several items and asking him which was his? Locke picked the knife. Buzz! Better luck next time Johnny!

This also allowed Alpert to get in the best line of the entire episode:

Alpert: I won't recognize you next time I see you. You'll need to give me this compass.

Locke: What does it do?

Alpert: It points North, John.

#5) Examples this episode of 'loops': the record skipping and the use of the line "God help us all."

#6) Are we really supposed to believe that in 108 days on the island, Jin learned enough English to understand "We don't have enough liquid nitrogen to keep the c4 from detonating." Because I could spend the next 108 years studying Korean and still not get that far. (4)

1) Just like the island, I know, right?
2) Except, of course, Wikipedia, which doesn't count.
2.5) Speculates is a really weird word which makes me think always of speculum.
3) Also known as Bill Paxton's polygimist brother. You got a huge cash settlement from Oceanic Airlines, Kate. You could have afforded a real lawyer.
4) There was originally a joke here about my cleaning lady's English but PCSguy said I crossed that line again.


Marinka said...

Has the fat guy lost any weight yet?

for a different kind of girl said...

I totally agree with you on Sun. I think she's a chick looking to exact a little revenge on Kate.

My husband started watching LOST in the middle of last season. Never seen a single moment before that, unlike me, who has watched it from moment one of season one. However, he deems himself an expert, and his little sci-fi head is swollen with delight at the time travel storyline last night. Can't wait to share his theories with him!

the mama bird diaries said...

Yeah.. to Marinka's point, how come that fat guy never loses any weight?

And I haven't seen the show since season 2 when there was a serious lack of sex among the castaways. Has that improved?

I'm Julie said...

I was just saying to Joe, maybe we should rent the past seasons of Lost and see what all the fuss is about?

But if the series is ending, then why bother. I'll try to catch the next cool thing that comes along.

Rachel said...

Okay, if you're going to blog about LOST, I'm totally hooked, although your theories are making my head spin almost as much as the premier last week!!! I can't wait for tonight's show and another LOST post/recap from YOU! :)