Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ShallowGal answers the questions you didn't even know you had about the new blog you didn't even know she had:

Yes, a new blog! But don't worry, LeShallowGal isn't going anywhere. Except either Mom 2.0 or BlogHer, she hasn't really decided yet.

But yes! A new blog, a joint venture with the fabulous Marinka entitled Secret Spineless Whine (.5)

She brings the cat and the brains and I bring the beauty. Except Caitin & I did all the technical stuff and PetCo won't let Marinka adopt a cat. But you know, it's all good.

I know what you're thinking VUBOQ:

Don't you already have enough trouble updating your existing blog, averaging like 3 posts a week with one of them being a mostly wordless Wednesday that you stick up there mid-weekend?

That's the beauty of this new site: YOU get to do the work.(1) We just take all the credit.

Meanwhile David from Someone in a tree (2) is wondering:

Doesn't this kind of thing already exist? Like Secret tweet?

Well, yes and no. The easiest way to explain is to show some examples:

secrettweet 13662 Everyday I silently curse my parents for my circumcision. It was the worst thing they ever bought for me.

Compare to this:

spineless whine #1: My floor is sticky: One of the kids spilled a fruit cup on my kitchen floor and my cleaning lady doesn't come until Monday. I don't think I can live with it that long, but I don't know where the mop is.

Which one can you relate to? More importantly, which one do you want floating through your subconscious the next time you have sex? How is this even a contest?

PCSguy (3) weighs in:

Did you know I refilled your meds? They're on the top shelf in your bathroom.

Check. Thanks.

Meanwhile, over in Maryland, Stimey is curious:

Will you bring spineless secret whine toasters to BlogHer '09?

Obviously. Marinka promises, nay, swears, this thing is going to make us rich. And then there will be toasters for everyone.

.5) Although now SG is wondering if it shouldn't be Secret Spineless Whines and she wants to ask Marinka, who promised constant contact via bat phones but who admits this late in the game that she can't remember her new blog's name? And yes, .5 It's frickin midnight, I am not renumbering these footnotes.
1) Just by emailing your whine to
2) SG's next scheme will be a gay psychic blog.
3) PCSguy has a new blog but it is dull, dull, dull, so no linky love for him. I also won't friend him on facebook, but that's a different issue for another day.


the mama bird diaries said...

I will absolutely check out the new blog.

vuboq said...

vuboq could totally use a new toaster since he set fire to his a few days ago.

are you ever going to finish that forking txt msg knock knock joke? I'm dying over here.


Marinka said...

The Marinka (1) is not a native English Speaker, so maybe LeShallow Gal is right about the blog name. Marinka thought that Whine was a collective noun (2). Was The Marinka wronginka? (3) Ok, now Marinka is hungrinka (3.14)

(1) Although she is not a native speaker, she is a patriot, so she is The Marinka, not Le Marinka, unlike Le Some People.
(2) And the plural of Whine is Whinez
(3) how LeFuck does LeShallowGal do these footnotes, anyway?
(3.14) mmmm...pie...

I'm Julie said...

You forgot to psychic MY response which goes as follows:

"Over in California, Julie, the Queen of Whining, spotted Le Shallow Gal's New Blog DAYS ago and has been whining that a formal invitation to Bitch has not been extended to her. Lucky thing, now she has a forum..."

Stimey said...

Thank God for the toasters because my toast doesn't say anything. I've been waiting for this toaster for well over six months now.