Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I wholeheartedly agree

You know if I were mother duck, after my first two
little ducks didn't come back, I'm not sure
I'd let the last three go back out.

Jake on the classic song "Five little ducks"


Stimey said...

And for God's sake, why does the man with the yellow hat keep leaving George alone in dangerous situations when everyone knows that he just cannot handle them?

vuboq said...

What duck song? I think you should sing it for us.

Do you think someone caught the ducks and made them into soup? or duck l'orange? or Peking Duck?

Amy said...

Stimey: I know ! Jake and I play a game sometimes telling stories like "The man with the yellow hat took George to a nuclear power plant. Be a good little monkey he said . . ."

Vuboq: Maybe you should sit for my kids one night and they'll get you up to speed !

vuboq said...

I would LUV to sit for your kids! How do they like their martinis?