Saturday, April 5, 2008

ShallowGal's 15 minutes of fame

ShallowGal's 15 minutes of internet fame are over.

Blog etiquette (1) is not SG's strong suit. Is telling how many hits I get a day like telling you how many men I've slept with (2) ? Let's just say that for one glorious week, ShallowGal forced her family to sit with her and constantly refresh sitemeter as her hits went into the low triple digits.

For the first four months of blogging, fewer than 20 people a day came to see what I was babbling about. I could, and often would, personally call each reader at home and ask what they thought. But a link from VUBOQ and then a super-kind post from my new sister and BFF Country Mouse and all of a sudden, I was the poo.

I swore I wouldn't allow this new found fame to go to my head. I would remember the little people from my early days, like JR or JB. (JT, maybe?)

This is not ShallowGal's first run-in with the limelight. In the late 70's, ShallowGal was featured (3) on The Today Show alongside Jane Pauley in a segment on carob. Unfortunately, SG was barely able to choke down the fake chocolate, ending talks about a possible spokesperson contract.

In much the same way, ShallowGal choked on the pressure of a large blog-reading public. And just as her carob modeling days abruptly ended, so did her dreams of becoming the next Perez Hilton.

Of course it's still only 9 am on the West Coast

1) Or any kind of etiquette, come to think of it.
2)It's a footnote notation, perv, not the answer.
3)If featured can be defined as "picked out of a group of fourth graders on a field trip."


vuboq said...

carob is disgusting. my mom tried to make us eat that once when i was in 4th grade. *bleah*

sitemeter watching is FUN. I could do it all day long :-) [and I'm glad I could send a few people your way to experience the JOY that is ShallowGal]

Stimey said...

I'm still here. You hooked me.

countrymouse said...

On my *best* day I've never hit 3 digits. I have a loyal readership of 7 people. The end : )

Eventually you'll have over 100,000 hits a day. And then you'll forget us, the little people . . .