Thursday, April 3, 2008

ShallowGal's whole life in six words

Vuboq tagged me for my first ever meme(1).

Sum up my life in six words. No more, no less.
The loophole is you can write as many of these six word sentences as you want.

This won't be hard for ShallowGal.
She's certainly not a deep thinker.
Her life isn't all that interesting.
She knows lots of filler words.
Like very and really and soforth.
So forth is actually two words.
ShallowGal is not above makingup words.

But none of that summed anything.
Now the real meme challenge begins.

Who is ShallowGal, what's she about?
ShallowGal's an enigma inside a riddle.
She doesn't even understand that cliche.
She knows she can do better.

Wife to PCSguy, mom to three.
Cook, maid, teacher, chauffeur, laundress, accountant.
Doesn't even mind the title housewife.
Spends way too much time shopping.
Loves carbs, diet coke and blogging.

ShallowGal is fairly new to blogging.
She uses footnotes, a cheap technique.
Her sense of humor is disturbing.
And she also apparently lacks boundaries.

ShallowGal's life is actually really dull.
Luckily she's too lackadaisical to notice.

1) Wikipedia says that a meme is pronounced miːm or mɛm/ which explains a lot. Or nothing. Except why ShallowGal hates wikipedia.

On the topic of memes, wikipedia goes on to say "The Principia Cybernetica project maintains a lexicon of memetics concepts, comprising a list of different types of memes. It also refers to an essay by Jaron Lanier, The ideology of cybernetic totalist intellectuals, which criticises "meme totalists" who assert memes over bodies." ShallowGal watches Lost and still can't follow this crap. And if you think she's annoyed, you should see her spell checker right now.


countrymouse said...

O.M.G. This is getting eerie (eery? I don't know--my spelling gene is taking a nap.) Not only are you JUST LIKE ME in lots and lots and lots of ways (like the personal boundary thing--mmm hmm) but you've used the words "laundress" and "lackadaisical" to describe yourself. I totally use those words for me all. the. time!

Yes. It's true. You're my long lost little sister. Why'd you dump me? You didn't love me enough to grow up with me? I'm in need of therapy to understand this abandonment . . .

Leading me to the obvious six word definition of me:
Kristin is batshit crazy. The end.

vuboq said...

EGG SALAD TURKEY!!! too funny! Can you make one out of tofu too?

And thanks for playing along with the meme :-)