Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ShallowGal's Obligatory Earth Day Post

Bad Blogger ! ShallowGal knows she needs to write about Earth Day,what with Earth being her third favorite planet and all (1) but alas, ShallowGal cannot settle on an appropriate Earth-lovin topic.

It's not like ShallowGal isn't all about leaving a better planet for her babies. (See, double negatives means, yes, I would like my children to have a clean healthy planet. ) It's just all of a sudden Earth Day is Earth week and it feels, I don't know, band-wagony. But fine. ShallowGal doesn't want to get a reputation as being difficult.

Let's go with the obvious choice. Bottled water.

ShallowGal has a real love/hate thing with bottled water. On one hand water is the essence of moisture (Quick ! Name that movie!) And instantly drinkable ! No cups to wash ! No ice that smells like fish sticks !

But we all know better, right?

I'll spare you the scary facts (2) about the bottles that never disintegrate. And the huge floating garbage mass in the Pacific Ocean that's twice as big as Texas. Plus a huge number of brands of bottled water are made by Nestle.

Ooh, quick off-topic discussion: Did you know ShallowGal and family have been a part of the worldwide Nestle boycott for TEN YEARS? That's a long time to go without a kit kat. I can't believe we've never discussed this ! Remind me later to tell you all about it another time. (3)

And while we're off topic, have you ever read the small print on a bottle of Smart Water? It says "made from scratch for glaceau." Really? No, really? There's someone in Whitestone New York counting out hydrogen and oxygen molecules for my drinking pleasure? That just seems indulgent.

ShallowGal's solution? Replace the bottled water with vodka. But being as it's alcohol-free April (memo to VUBOQ ! If you'd picked February we'd be 6 days from done!) SG has another solution.

So hows about you treat yourself to one of these?

ShallowGal's Sigg is actually orange with daisies but this one is way cooler

Good for the Earth, boost the economy, don't accidentally buy Nestle water and bonus points ! The water tastes like water. Everybody wins.

1) After Neptune and Venus. Pluto used to be second, but now it's my favorite dwarf planet.
2) Mostly because I'm too lazy to look for them, but I read them in a magazine last night and they're really really impressive.
3) Short answer: Nestle kills babies !


Susan said...

We gave SIGG gift certificates to two of our nieces for their birthdays this past month. Ages 12 and 14. Don't think they appreciated them as much as we do!

Stimey said...

I'm partial to Mars.

countrymouse said...

ZOOLANDER!!!! "Moisture is the essence of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty." Not that I know that movie word for freaking word from beginning to end ; )

Amy said...

Susan : 12 & 14 year old girls don't like anything. I didn't know you could give Sigg gift certs, that's a brilliant idea!

Stimey: Mars freaks me out a little. Not as much as Uranus though. (I'm apparently secretly a 12 year old boy)

Kristin: that settles it, we are totally related ! Zoolander is the best movie ever !

vuboq said...

Uranus is my favorite!

Ok. I'm back. Whew. That hurts.

Anyway, I may be ending Alcohol-Free April a few days early. Details to be blogged about eventually.

Thanks for the fun Earth Day post. *smooches*

Influencebad said...

I was totally going to say Zoolander, but looks like Country Mouse beat me too it. ^_^ Just know that I, too, have seen that movie so many times I can quote the whole thing. ^_^

I am all for replacing bottled water with vodka. Three Olives even, my current (fairly cheap) favorite brand. Nice, recyclable, glass bottles too. ^_^