Thursday, April 17, 2008

ShallowGal needs your opinion

ShallowGal has a dilemma. Yes. ShallowGal has a lot of dilemmas, in fact it's possible that that word does not mean what I think it means. But I'm pretty sure it does.

But guys, c'mon focus. This is serious.

Should I buy these new crocs cyprus?

Whoever thought of putting a 4 inch heel on a croc is either an idiot or a genius,
I'm just not sure which yet.

Hey I didn't say it was Sophie's Choice.

Basically this entire thing is PCSguy's fault. If he'd just made me buy the shoes at Saks last month instead of being all "do whatever makes you happy" then I wouldn't even be considering these. You know, just to spite him, I should get these crocs:

But that's definitely one of those cut off your own nose things
because these are pretty dang fugly.

Fact: PCSguy hates Maryland because he's secretly afraid of terrapins.

But I digress. Like any major life decision, I sat down to make a list of pros and cons. First the cons:
  • I hate crocs on anyone over 12
  • I once bought crocs and they hurt
  • I could buy way nicer sandals instead
  • I just bought new shoes
  • Where exactly does one wear plastic shoes with a 4 inch heel?
  • People will stare
  • Everyone I've asked in real life has said not to. Linda even expressly forbade me to. (1)

That's a pretty convincing list. Let's examine the pros:

  • I'm intrigued
  • I'm bored
  • Look how pretty the lavender looks with the silver.
  • Hey, shoes are shoes.
Looks like a tie to me. What do you guys think?

1) Luckily, she's not the boss of me.


The Jet Set Girls said...

I've seen them now and I still think no. Unless you're looking for attention, no matter what kind.

vuboq said...

No. Please. Just no.

And, um, maybe ... no.

Wait! How about NO.

PS. I hope your dream comes true.

countrymouse said...

Wondering what "I just bought new shoes" has to do with ANYTHING????

Anonymous said...

"I'm intrigued" definitely outweighs "I just bought new shoes." But... to quote my dh "Those are ugly".

I say find some shoes that are both intriguing and cute, and buy those instead.

Cathy in Canada

Stimey said...

I'd have to weigh in with the nay-sayers too. Although silver and lavender is nice.

jamie said...

I'm a gonna say go for it, just because everyone else sez no. I'm a rebel like that.


P.S. But please don't hate me when the fog clears and you discover you've purchased a pair of high-heeled crocs.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first off. My vote is not just 'no' -- it's f* no. But then, I suppose any variety of Crocs would cost less than the shoes at Saks. But then, they're Crocs. I'd rather spend the money.

Secondly, if that fugly pair was in blue and orange, it would be a totally different story.

-pcs guy

Anonymous said...

Flats are in. Don't do it. PCSGuy Staff Member

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