Friday, May 23, 2008

I'll take "Things that induce panic attacks in ShallowGal" for $500 !

Today ShallowGal and PCSguy received a letter which began:

In the inexorable scheme of things, you have actually arrived at the time for scheduling the date of your child's Bar / Bat Mitzvah.

Please excuse ShallowGal while she simultaneously cries and vomits.

SG hopes the Bar Mitzvah will be less stressful than the Bris (1+2)

1) In that picture, the Mohel is actually holding Eli but they looked exactly the same as babies (and we used the same Mohel) so really if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't be be any the wiser. Jake was actually born pre-digital camera.
2) ShallowGal is actually *so* panic stricken by this letter that she is skipping the obvious Bris jokes. VUBOQ, however has several, and he will also hum Sunrise / Sunset for us while SG weeps.


vuboq said...

Did you know I was in my high school's production of "Fiddler on the Roof?"

Hums: Is this the little girl I carried/ Is this the little boy at play/ I don't remember growing ollllllder/ When did they?

Gayle said...

Hi SG - I just have to comment... I have been to 4 brises in my life... and they have all been done by the same mohel... and he's the mohel in your photo. That guy must be very very busy. Do you remember if he made the same joke I've heard him make every time - he says to the dad, "Do you want to do this, or should I?" In all seriousness, I can't imagine... what a daunting thought... bar mitzvah... adolescence. Wow.

Amy said...

LOL Gayle, he did make that joke BOTH TIMES! He is super-busy, often doing 4 bris a day. PCSguy and I once calculated what he pulls in a year and holy smokes, I'm making sure one of my kids is a mohel! xoxo, SG